Orders Circulars Minutes


Guidelines for Livelihood Activities- GoK Order
IWMP WDT Engineers Monitory Limit-GoK Order
Guidelines for Production System-GoK Order

Revised Guidelines of IWMP Issued by GoK.pdf  View Download GoK Website 
IWMP Guidelines- GoK- Amendemnts No. 1902/R&I 5/11/CRD dt.19.04.2012
IWMP-Guidelines- 19502 dt 20.10.2012 by CRD (PART-1) (PART-2)Revised Operational Guidlines for fund release 14.06.2012-DoLR
Old Guidelines for watershed- GOI
Revised guidelines (2001) for watershed Development GOI 
Guidelines for HARIYALI (2003)
IWMP Common Guidelines (2008) for Watershed Development Projects
IWMP Common Guide Lines- Revised - 2011 by DoLR
Amendments in Common Guidelines 2008 vs 2011
Model format for DPR Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency
Convergence between IWMP and MGNREGA GoI guidelines
DPR preparation-Suggestive Broad Outlines by GoI
Format for Annual Action Plan by GoI
Format for PPR preparation by GoI
Format for SPSP preparation by GoI
Institutional Fund- Guidelines by GoI
Guidelines for Selecting Evaluating agencies Letter, Criteria, Guidelines for preparatory phase
WDT Formation Circular: No. 19040 dt. 10.10.2012 View Download
Productionsystem and Livelihood- GoI guidelines

Post creation in SLNA: GO MS 141-2010-LSGD dtd. 03.07.2010
SLNA constitution: GO(Rt)No. 1107/10/AD dt. 14.06.2010
SLNA constitution- modification: GO(MS) No. 313/10/AD dt. 03.12.2010
SLNA-Modifying the qualification of posts and prescribing method of appointment G.O.(MS) 12/2013/LSGD Dated 08/01/2013
GoK- Demand for grants-2013-14  (BUDGET 2013-14) see page 128 & 129
Various appointments to SLNA GO: View Download
Duties & Responsibilities of Officials in IWMP 08.05.2013
WCDC Temporary post creation GO. MS.No.295/2011/LSGD Dt. 26.11.2011
WCDC Formation : No. SLNA03/08/12CRD Dt.20.03.2012
MIS operator appointment in WCDC & PIA Lr. No. 11511 dt. 09.01.2013 of AO SLNA View Download 
Institutional grant to PKD II installment -order no. 3304R&I 52012CRD dt. 30.06.2012 View Download
Draft MoU prepared by SLNA.View Download
Various postings to WCDCs GO: View Download
WDT formation- wage rate-guideline: GO(Rt) No. 36/2012/LSGD dt. 15.02.2012
WDT Formation: No. SLNA-24/2012 Dt. 14.03.2012
WDT Formation: Circular: No. 19040 dt. 10.10.2012 View Download
MIS operator appointment in WCDC & PIA Lr. No. 11511 dt. 09.01.2013 of AO SLNA View Download
Formation of WC- Guidelines- 19502/R&I 5/12/CRD dt 08.08.12.pdf View Download 
Guidelines for taking up works in IWMP-No. 19502-R&I 5/12/CRD dt 31.07.2012 View Download
Release of program fund-batch III-I installment-or no 7118 dt 20-09-2012 View Download 
MIS operator appointment in WCDC & PIA Lr. No. 11511 dt. 09.01.2013 of AO SLNA View Download
TSOs Empanelment(I Phase): Order No. 17237/R&I5/10/CRD dt 11.01.2011
TSOs Empanelment (III Phase)GO(Rt) No.85/2012/LSGD dated 09.01.2012
Engaging TSOs instructions -IWMP III Phase-. Lr. No. 15908 dt 17.07.2012 View Download
Watershed master plan (MGNREGS) GO(MS) 49/2009 dt. 07/04/2009
Watershed master plan (MGNREGS) Guidelines (2011)
Funds: Release of IWMP State share to KSD, PKD,WYD: 29875/R&I5/2010/CRD dt. 13.10.2011
IWMP Guidelines- GoK- Amendemnts No. 1902/R&I 5/11/CRD dt.19.04.2012
World Environment day No. 11815-SLNA-01-CRD-12 dt 19.05.2012
PWD Rate revision :GOP NO.13/2012/PWD dt 01.02.2012.pdf View Download
Capacity Building Strategy approved by SLNA-Lr no. 12255 CRD dt 12072012 View Download
Revised Guidelines of IWMP Issued by GoK.pdf  View Download GoK Website 
Guidelines for sanctioning plan of Local bodies-12th plan GO No.243/2012/ Alos see  GO(MS)225 
Funds for Expansion and development GO(MS) 249/07 dt 01.11.2007
IWMP-Guidelines- 19502 dt 20.10.2012 by CRD (PART-1) (PART-2)
Responsibilities of EOWW- Circular No. 19502 dt 08.01.2013 View Download
Notification for various posts: No.24/SLNA-O1/2012/CRD dt 21.01.2013
Notification of posts of Technical Experts in WCDCs no. 52/SLNA 01/2012 dt. 20.09.2012
Expression of interest-PPR preparation-IWMP III- R&I 5/530/12/CRD dt 29.05.2012


MoU between PIA & TSO- as executed b/w Vypin block & CSES 
MoU between SLNA & WCDC format: No. 3304/R&I-5/12/CRD dt. 13.04.2012
MoU Signing Direction-Lr. No. 10258R&I 511CRD dt. 18062012 View Download
Agreement between User Group and panchayaths: Public works GO(MS)36/98/LSG
Resource Use Agreement Direction, Model word, Model PDF
MoU between WCDC and PIA Direction, Model


IWMP Review meeting conducted by CRD on 22nd February 2012 at CRD
Minutes CRD’s  meeting on 06-06-12 on DPR preparation and review of progress View Download
Minutes IWMP review held on 16.07.2012 at Trivandrum- APOs, ASOs & Clerks View Download
Minutes of IWMP review held on 06.06.2012 at CRD Trivandrum View Download
Minutes of IWMP review held on 16.07.2012 at Trivandrum View Download
Minutes of IWMP review held on 07.08.2012 at Vedamanikyam hall Trivandrum View Download
Minutes of IWMP review held on 22.11.2012 at Muncipal House Trivandrum View Download
Regional review- Kozhokode conducted by CRD on 09.05.2012
Regional review- Eranakulam conducted by CRD on 30.05.2012
Review meeting 06.06.2012-PDs, BDOs & TSOs- Agenda Notes
Regional Review Meet- 30.05.2012- Ernakulam View Download
Review meeting- IWMP I & II batches, on 07.08.2012 at Vedamanikyam hall, Trivandrum View Download
Minutes of meeting-ASOs and WDT Engineers- Eranakulam-19-01-1013 View Download
Minutes of IWMP review meeting on 08.03.2013 at Muncipal Guest House, Trivandrum DOWNLOAD
State level review meeting (batch II projects)16th May, 2013 Ernakulam View Download


SLNA meeting 13.07.2011 minutes
SLNA meeting 28.01.2012 minutes Signed Copy PDF
SLNA meeting 16.06.2012 Agenda notes, annex-1, annex-2, annex3, annex-4
SLNA meeting 16.06.2012 MINUTES View Download
SLNA meeting 13.02.2013 Agenda Cover Index Annexures: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX  MINUTES
SLNA meeting 23.05.2014 minutes

10th Steering Committee at Delhi on 28th Jan 2010 
17th Steering Committee at Delhi on 18th January 2011
Second Regional Workshop at Hyderabad June 16,17, 2011 
23rd Steering Committee at Delhi on 13th December 2011
25th Steering Committee at Delhi on 9th February 2012
31st Steering Committee Meeting held on 22.02.2013 
Notes- Minister's Conference, Delhi- 08.06.2012
Minutes of the Conference of State Ministers held on 08.06.12 at Delhi View Download

SPSP Kerala in DoLR  format as submitted to Steering Committee View Download
Report of the Technical Committee on DPAP and DDP (1993)
Hanumantha Rao committee Report (1994)
Waste-Land Atlas (2000) of India -GoI
Waste-Land  Atlas (2005) of India- GoI
Waste-Land Atlas- Kerala (2010)- GoI
Parthasarthy Committee Report (2006)


Mevarakal watershed-Tvpm- NWDPRA
Watershed Based Master Plan  Scientific paper- Ajayakumar Varma
Impact & Effectiveness of Watershed development programs in India- Dr. Prem Singh et.al.
Soil Conservation Scheme –Kunda catchment, Kerala by Agril. Finance Corpn 2001
Soil Conservation Scheme –Kunda catchment, Tamilnadu by Agril. Finance Corpn 2001
Mid-term evaluation of watersheds in Kerala (2007)- Scientific paper-Rosana P Mula
Future Search for Watershed Development Projects in India- paper by WASSANParticipatory Watershed Participatory watershed development: (2005) Subha Vishnudas et.al. ASCE Watershed Conference, USA

Registers to be maintained at WCDCs, PIAs and WCs 1  2  3
Appointments to SLNA GO RT 1000 dt 16.04.2013 Download
Purchase of maps Circular No. 637 dt 11.07.2013 Download
Bills and payments at WCs for works Circular No. 19502 dt. 20.07.2013 Download
Working instructions to DEOs of WCDCs and PIAs Circular No. 374 dt. 24.06.2013 Download
Duties and responsibilities of officials of IWMP Circular No. 502 dt. 08.05.2013 Download
Format for Progress reports Download
Format for consolidated MPR Download
Format for UCs Download
Minutes of review meeting of Accountants held on 12.07.2013 at Ashramam Guest House, Kollam (Malayalam font required) Download
Minutes of State level review of IWMP on 04.06.2013 held at SIRD Kottarakkara Download
Minutes of state level review of batch II projects on 16.05.2013 at Hotel Royal Residency Eranakulam Download
Minutes of State level review of IWMP on 27.06.2013 at Municipal Guest House, Trivandrum Download
Modalities for Institutional fund and installments Download
Guidelines issued on IWMP Lr. No. 916/SLNA 2/2013 dt 11.12.2013 Download


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